Analysis of light weight structures


With state of the art products, you also need the most advanced analysis tools to be able to handle the complexity of composite analysis. Composite includes different materials with a vast variety of specific characteristics. Through advanced finite element method (FEM), we find the optimal design solutions and the most cost-effective production. With integrated simulation technology, we are able to include;

  • Anisotropic material behaviour
  • Material and geometric nonlinearities
  • Strain-rate sensitivity
  • Tensile compression asymmetry
  • Part behaviour and faliure modelling
  • Temperature dependence

Merely understanding the property of a specific material is not enough, many aspects must be considered in the process of developing innovations, where the anisotropy (direction of fibres) of injection molded parts, is a unique competence we possess and manage successfully. We also offer calculations of crash and impact behaviour, with access to an extensive material database in pursuit of the perfect solution.