A normal day at HBN

At HBN, we are led by values, and everyone is challenged to make own interpretations and active decisions in making our workplace a great place to be in with common sense. The foundation and success of HBN are based on certain value traits that we strive after but also look for in new colleagues.

Be entrepreneurial

With that, we mean being creative, enthusiastic and visionary. We encourage everyone to think like an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur combines creativity with profitability and has ambitions, not only for the company, but also for you; constantly curious for new opportunities.

Be courageous - Dare to dare

Take responsibility and make decisions in a thoughtful way. Dare to be ambitious and willing to take risks, but of the calculated kind. Be courage to speak your mind and to take the plunge in finding new products, markets and making investments in new technologies.

Be flexible

Everyone at HBN should be flexible and adaptive to changing markets and responsive to customer needs. We quickly refocus our production, facilities and way of thinking in pursuit of new opportunities. That also includes developing everything and everyone that need development.

Be constructive

The most effective feedback is feedback that also includes a constructive suggestion for improvement. Be constructive is about your work and not your person.

By taking our responsibility to our company’s values, anything is possible to achieve with composite solutions. We and you make it happen!