The year is 1974 and we are in the middle of the oil crisis, where there are no signs of optimism. In time like these, good ideas are often killed even before they are brought to life. If you do not have the courage to try new approaches you will not survive crises. In Ringsted, Denmark, the entrepreneur and founder of HBN (Heine B. Nielsen) developed an idea and started to manufacture metal fittings and hydraulic tanks for Trucks & Trailers.

Heine B. Nielsen´s company is soon buzzing with an entrepreneurial spirit and a managerial style that makes room for daring something new. A new type of material for Mudwings inspires the company to develop an entirely new production technique based on injection molding, at that time an innovative and very flexible production method. A patent is secured for the production process which accelerates a new culture and gives birth to one of the first injection molding plastic Mudwings in 1986.

From the integration of Antisprays in Mudwings (1994) and holders made of plastic to Air spring pistons (2003) and Air tanks (2014)…All way through, the courage to try out new materials in entirely new areas, is the true characteristic of HBN.

HBN has always focused on products and methods that have great potentials and to scrap what has not. The company carries on the innovation culture from Heine B. Nielsen to this day and the ability to invent, adjust and to further develop existing methods and products, is exactly what has made us a key investment for our owners.

…and the main factor why our entrepreneurial mindset is still alive and bears fruit.

HBN was established in time of crisis and, again, the company is growing in time of crisis, because innovative thinking and readiness for change make the difference between those who succumb and those who stay in business.

HBN develops new ideas, creates innovative solutions and has the courage to put all into action together with our talented employees and business partners, as we always have done.

To the right is our Company milestones that we are proud to present.