Supply chain management

HBN as a partner

As one of the leading Composite partners to the automotive industry, handling more than 3,000 tons of raw materials requires an honest and open collaboration to be successful and competitive on both sides – for HBN and for our suppliers. We rely on supply partners who convince us with outstanding quality and consistent innovative thinking.

As a worldwide operating manufacturer of standardized and customized solutions, we look for suppliers that understand the concept of vertical integrated partnerships and practice it in a holistic manner. Because at HBN we always intent on optimizing the process of procuring materials and assets for the company on a continuously basis. This implies being compliant with quality standards, working with consignation stock if necessary and to operate with modern logistic and warehouse systems such as VMI/E-kanban. A genuine willingness to be involved in development projects and value analyses, where technical support and advice is guaranteed is a trait that we value very highly in our suppliers.

The overall image of our suppliers is composed of the components of quality, price, logistics, R&D and management.

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