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Air Tanks

Lightweight for more
(ECO)nomical driving

A rising environmental awareness in the automotive industry and tougher emission standards intensifies the demand for cost effective lightweight solutions. This is especially evident with the introduction of the new and mandatory EURO 6 engine for heavy commercial vehicles, where the stricter emissions are met on the expense of weight. With a weight increase up by as much as 200kg implies a substantial tare weight increase on all self-propelled vehicles and a lower payload, including their trailers.

The AIRFLEX Air tank® is a a pressure vessel for brake and air suspension systems and other areas requiring compressed air. Thanks to its lightweight construction in GFRP, also known as glass fibre reinforced plastic, it offers numerous advantages. The weight reduction is particularly impressive with savings up to 60% than its steel counterpart which allows more additional load.

Due to its intelligent design, it is also 100% maintenance-free, allowing vehicles to stay longer on the roads, which is provided by the corrosion-free material and subsequently by the extended service life of your vehicle components.

Through an innovative production technology, we offer a cost effective lightweight solution that hosts several integrated functions in one product which provides supply chain savings. For instance, the AIRFLEX Air tank® can easily be stacked using an integrated stacking aid without further packaging. This clearly helps to optimize logistics processes and reduces your packaging material with as much as 33%.

With a system solution approach, we offer a simple standard installation concept that is pre-assembled, easily installed both in horizontal and vertical positions, and that allows flexible installation on all vehicles. Together with our team of engineers, we look to reduce assembly time and to free up chassis space, also with customized solutions.

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Air Tanks

  • 100% Maintenance free
  • 60% Lighter than steel
  • 33% Reduced packaging 
  • 10% Saving in assembly time


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