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Air Spring Pistons

Increasing Vehicle standards
calls for unique designs

Customer requirements for safer equipment, higher comfort and cost effective solution demands for out of the box thinking. Our composite air spring piston with inner volume technology does exactly that for our customers which is also the reason that we are the benchmark in the industry with leading OEM´s using our solutions worldwide.

The air spring piston is a heavy duty and high performance component that helps to protect the payload and the body of commercial vehicles from the enormous forces caused by challenging road conditions. The piston together with an air bellow forms a system solution that carries the entire axle load of the vehicle. The main function of the piston is to provide stability, whereas the air filled rubber bellow is attached to the piston to provide springing.

Through innovative development we provide not only weight savings up to 70% compared to steel but also help to increase driving comfort. With a customized design, we provide the vehicle with a higher inside air volume capacity (up to 4 litres) in the air suspension system. Not to mention a smooth transportation that comes with maintenance free solutions.

how is this possible

A piston can be mistaken of being simple but it is a rigid polyamide molded component with glasfibre, where its stiffness and toughness allows it to withstand loads and cushion shocks. A working piston experiences not only an air pressure of up to 10 bars but also, in extreme cases, axle loads up to 14 metric tons. To meet these requirements, we integrate a rib structure into the component which has been developed through several computerized simulations to find the optimal design and injection process, ensuring that the piston can withstand the desired load requirements. Worst case simulations combined with bad road tests confirm that vehicles with our pistons are equipped for worldwide transport applications. With the end result of being substantial lighter, more cost effective and corrosion resistant compared to its metal predecessor.

Keeping overall costs down

To achieve an overall effective solution, it is not enough to barely consider the design of the component and choice of material to reach a desired cost level without compromising. We also provide extensive knowledge in tool design which we combine with our long production experience, which is a necessity to keep cycle times to a minimum. Our solutions have a modular construction to cover a variety of applications. Depending on the type of vehicle and performance profile required, the piston can be manufactured with different heights by using ancillary components.

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Air Spring Pistons

  • Customized design
  • Increased driving comfort
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Up to 70% lighter