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To be better is by definition to be different. Being an innovative company, we must have the courage to be different and to try new ways of solving problems and to develop our future business. We know that innovation is not an option but a prerequisite for our and your growth and future success.

Our innovation approach is not primarily based on what we can do and what trills the engineering mind – we seek novel solutions that will make a significant improvement for our present and future customers. Accordingly, we develop strong relations with our key customers and we involve them early in the projects. We think solutions more than products and strive to find new ways of making it easier for our customers to achieve and meet their goals and objectives. Our lightweight philosophy is not primarily about straightforward replacement of metal parts into corresponding composite components. We fully utilize the opportunities that composite technology offers to develop unique solutions that hopefully can do more than the replaced metal parts.

Below, you can read more about some custom design solutions we have come up with through our partnerships. Hopefully it will inspire you to challenge us with your next innovative and future solution.


The glass fibre reinforced plastic ECO Vision axle was developed in cooperation with BPW Bergische Achsen, one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of trailers for cars and trucks, which also won the prestigious innovation award at the IAA show in 2012 in the component category.

The ECO Vision innovation offers many advantages: The weight reduction of about 80 kg per axle module, representing 240 kg in a 3-axle unit, allows the payload to be increased significantly, while fuel consumption is reduced when transporting a partial load. The weight reduction is also important for the "unsprung mass" of the axle, wheels and suspension. Both comfort and driving safety are increased, at the same time as reducing noise levels as well as wear and tear on the road surface and substructure.

The design of the GFRP air suspension module combines mechanical advantages and material resilience with significant weight reductions and obvious visual benefits. ECO Vision is designed for axle loads up to 9t and disc brakes. The configuration as well as the installation and operating specifications are in line with the current specifications for conventional air suspension systems.


The glas fibre reinforced buffer tank, also known as a silencer, has been developed with leading Truck OEM´s and safety system suppliers to replace its counterparts in steel and aluminum.

The buffer tank comes in various shapes and forms, from a volume as little as 0,1L and a diameter from Ø58mm, all depending on your specific requirement and desired functionality. The buffer tank is often positioned between the compressor and its charge line and the air-tanks, which supplies the vehicle with compressed air to the brake and air suspension system and other areas. The solution can be designed to reduce air fluctuations from the compressor and subsequently reaching desired levels of noise reduction or to add extra storage capacity in case of potential vehicle system air leakags.

The buffer tank offers numerous advantages; noise reduction, extra storage capacity, corrosion-free and cost effective.


To complement our standard air tank program, we offer our services in design and assembly for customized air tank solutions that perfectly fit your vehicles.

The battery tank is a solution where all required air tanks are bundled on a frame construction for a swift and easy vehicle installation. We can have the solution pre-assemble including air couplings and directly delivered to your assembly line. We can also customize single assembly solutions which do not require separate mounting brackets and straps but instead can be installed on the end caps to free up space.


In close cooperation with long term partners, we develop customized and intelligent air tank solutions that provide additional supply chain savings for manufacturers and easy handling for operators.

The multi-purpose tank does not only provide you with several ports on one side for easy and user-friendly installation of air couplings for operators. The future also presents threadless ports, with integrated coupling units allowing a quick push-in of connectors, which also have been design with an easy 360° degree release function. In other words, the solution provides numerous advantages; it saves time at assembly, frees up space and eliminates unnecessary parts through system integration.


Our system partnership guarantees extensive engineering services and a steady introduction of innovative and custom design solutions to your air suspension system.

Receive the latest top plate together with your custom designed Air spring piston. The air bellow connection plate is made of composite material and has a fully integrated mounting bracket and a threadless coupling unit for an easy installation. Not only is the system 100% maintenance free, it eliminates unnecessary spare parts and save you assembly time.

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