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Customized mudguards

Meeting customer needs
with flexible solutions

As important it is today to standardize, we also acknowledge the uniqueness of customized solutions for our customers. In addition to our existing programs, we also offer special developed and exclusive 3-part mudwing for Truck OEM´s with antispray and a build-in back light box. On request, our total system solution can also include pre-assembled lights & cables from ERMAX® and tubes that are delivered just-in-time to the plant or distributed on request through our own worldwide network.

To be able to meet all kinds of customer requests, regardless of company size or vehicle type, we have a special mudguard program available that meet various functional requirements. This could be a steering wheel mudguard requiring a wider span to allow the wheel to turn freely, triple axle mudguard covering all wheels, flat-top mudguard for direct assembly on a vehicle chassis or other solutions.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you need any further information on customized solutions or look through our product catalogues for special mudwings on page 25-31.

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Customized mudguards

If you are in the need of a customized solution, HBN can help you throughout the entire process. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.