Greenflex® - HBN Teknik A/S



Protects the environment
and your finances

GREENFLEX® is an environment friendly mudwing solution that is made of a recycled rubber compound with polypropylene and polyethylene. This combination not only considers the environment but also provides you with a cost effective option with a high quality. This thermoplastic mudwing has very good properties making it dimensional stable even at temperatures of up to 80°C and impact resistant down to -30°C. This is a superior alternative to other low priced brands in the market, which also has a strong resistance to tearing, oils, chemicals and extreme weather condititions.

The mudwing is black and available in quarter, half and full mudwing size for both single and twin tires. The mudwing can be delivered as a single item, or in combination with pre-assembled holders and/or antisprays.

We have the most comprehensive range of sizes on the market for trucks, trailers and other vehicles. To find you exact mudwing dimension, download our GREENFLEX® mudwing catalogue or try our online Mudwing Finder where you also can access our 2D and 3D drawings directly.


  • Dimensional stable with fine tolerances
  • Impact resistant down to -30°C
  • Heat protected up to 80°C
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Long product life-time
  • Recyclable