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When safety and strength
are the top priorities

ISTOFLEX® is our premium brand mudguard with the highest quality available in the market. It is a thermoplastic mudguard that is produced with a special rubber compound reinforced with polypropylene and polyethylene, which also is recyclable. This combination gives excellent properties to withstand heavy tearing and has a resistance to oils, chemicals and extreme weather conditions.

This product is produced from an extra flexible material which is well suited for vehicles that operate under very rough conditions. It is recommended for demountable container vehicles, road tankers, timber and tipper vehicles. These vehicles require safe and strong products that can withstand sudden and continuous impacts during loading processes or from falling gods in temperatures as low as -40°C. Not only does it have excellent dimensional properties at low temperatures, it is also well protected for vehicle operating high temperatures (up to 120°C).

The mudguard is black and available in quarter, half and full mudguard size for both single and twin tires. The mudguard can be delivered as a single item, or in combination with pre-assembled holders and/or antisprays.

We have the most comprehensive range of sizes on the market for trucks, trailers and other vehicles. To find you exact mudguard dimension, download our ISTOFLEX® mudguard catalogue or try our online Mudguard Finder where you also can access our 2D and 3D drawings directly.


  • Dimensional stable with fine tolerances
  • Impact resistant down to -40°C
  • Heat protected up to 120°C
  • Highly resistant to tearing
  • Long product life-time
  • Recyclable


ISTOFLEX Catalogue