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composite Materials

HBN-Teknik A/S is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Composite solutions for the automotive industry worldwide. As a pioneer in the field of injection moulding, we bring unique competences of lightweight design, structural analysis, manufacturing processes and testing of materials and products. Through our long term commitment to innovation, we have been able to expand our product portfolio into high-tech areas previously dominated by steel or aluminum components.

We offer manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, system suppliers and the aftermarket metal replacement solutions with standardized product programs and customized solutions. Our solutions are setting new standards, helping vehicles become a cleaner source on the roads through its contribution to fuel efficiency and tare weight reduction. Today we can present a global presence, through the BPW Group and other partners with products such as mudwings, antisprays, air tanks, air spring pistons and other customized solutions.

By engaging with us, you can be sure of a partnership that has over 40 years of experience in developing refined and innovative products, ensuring our clients high efficiency in order handling, logistics and assembly. Our standard is 100% uncompromising product quality, with a wide product range covering more than 750 variations and an own distribution network across 31 countries.

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Member of the BPW Group:

BPW Bergische Achsen KG is the world´s leading manufacturer of intelligent running gear systems for trailers and semi-trailers. Through the BPW Group, with 50 companies and over 3,200 service partners, we offer the transport and logistic industry a system and mobility partnership with running gear systems, telematics, lighting systems, trailer superstructure, Composite solutions and other services. With 10 manufacturing sites of standardised production and assembly in Germany, Russia, Hungary, China, Australia and South Africa, we are able to guarantee a close proximity to customers, quality and supplier loyalty for which BPW is well known in the sector.

With a heritage from 1898 and its strength in innovation, the company has been able to achieve continuous growth and is now regarded worldwide as a reliable partner and supplier of products of the highest quality. The company was consequently awarded the title “Best Brand” in the Trailer Axle category for the eighth time in 2014.